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Pal Joey (1957)-"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"


Rita Hayworth ... Vera Simpson
Frank Sinatra ... Joey Evans
Kim Novak ... Linda English
Barbara Nichols ... Gladys
Bobby Sherwood ... Ned Galvin
Hank Henry ... Mike Miggins
Elizabeth Patterson ... Mrs. Casey

The rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Leon Alton ... Printer Salesman (uncredited)
Isabel Analla ... (uncredited)
Robert Anderson ... Policeman (uncredited)
Maurice Argent ... Second Tailor (uncredited)
Tol Avery ... Detective (uncredited)
Rita Barrett ... Stripper (uncredited)
Eddie Bartell ... Barker (uncredited)
Steve Benton ... Electrician (uncredited)
Barry Bernard ... Vera's Butler (uncredited)
Gail Bonney ... Heavyset Woman (uncredited)
Sue Boomer ... Secretary (uncredited)
Paul Cesari ... Pet Store Co-Owner (uncredited)
George Chan ... Chinese Pianist (uncredited)
Barrie Chase ... Dancer in Daydream Sequence (uncredited)
Sydney Chatton ... Barker (uncredited)
Nellie Gee Ching ... Chinese Dancer (uncredited)
Jane Chung ... Flower Lady (uncredited)
Jean Corbett ... Dancer (uncredited)
Oliver Cross ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Judy Dan ... Hat Check Girl (uncredited)
Giselle D'Arc ... Vera's Maid (uncredited)
Jules Davis ... Red-Faced Man (uncredited)
George DeNormand ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Helen Elliot ... Travelers' Aid (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum ... Person (uncredited) E
Elizabeth Fenton ... Chinese Dancer (uncredited)
Michael Ferris ... First Tailor (uncredited)
Bess Flowers ... Person (uncredited)
George Ford ... Electrician (uncredited)
Allen Gin ... Chinese Drummer (uncredited)
Everett Glass ... Pet Store Owner (uncredited)
Bob Glenn ... Sailor (uncredited)
Connie Graham ... Stripper (uncredited)
Bobbie Jean Henson ... Stripper (uncredited)
John Hubbard ... Stanley (uncredited)
Ellie Kent ... Carol (uncredited)
Cheryl Kubert ... Girl Friend (uncredited)
Pat Lynn ... Chinese Dancer (uncredited)
Ramon Martinez ... Headwaiter (uncredited)
Mara McAfee ... Sabrina (uncredited)
Henry McCann ... Shorty (uncredited)
Raymond A. McWalters ... Army Captain (uncredited)
Joe Miksak ... Barker (uncredited)
Ernesto Molinari ... Tony the Chef (uncredited)
Robin Morse ... Bartender (uncredited)
Jean Nakaba ... Chinese Dancer (uncredited)
Al Nalbandian ... Barker (uncredited)
George Nardelli ... Headwaiter (uncredited)
Bek Nelson ... Lola (uncredited)
Ilsa Ostroffsky ... Stripper (uncredited)
Roberto Piperio ... Waiter (uncredited)
Edith Powell ... Stripper (uncredited)
Jack Railey ... Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)
Mabel Rea ... (uncredited)
Robert Reed ... Boy Friend (uncredited)
Hermie Rose ... Bald Club Owner (uncredited)
James Seay ... Livingston (uncredited)
Howard Sigrist ... Sidewalk Photographer (uncredited)
Jo Ann Smith ... Stripper (uncredited)
Genie Stone ... Girl (uncredited)
Frank Sully ... Barker (uncredited)
Betty Utey ... Patsy (uncredited)
Pierre Watkin ... Mr. Forsythe (uncredited)
Frank Wilcox ... Col. Langley (uncredited)
Frank Wilimarth ... Sidewalk Artist (uncredited)
Andrew Wong ... Chinese Club Owner (uncredited)
Lessie Lynne Wong ... Chinese Dancer (uncredited)
Barbara Yung ... Chinese Dancer


John O'hara-Author 
George Sidney: Director
Dorothy Kingsley: Writer - based on the musical play 
Lorenz Hart: Source for Musical and Film
Richard Rodgers: Source for Musical and Film
Fred Kohlmar: Producer
Harold Lipstein: Cinematographer - Technicolor
Viola Lawrence: Editor
Jerome Thoms: Editor
Nelson Riddle: Musical Conductor
Walter Holscher: Art Director
William Kiernan: Set Decorator
Louis Diage: Set Decorator
Jean Louis: Costumes
Hermes Pan: Choreography
Ben Lane: Make Up
Helen Hunt: Hair

*This is the last post  in the 3 part seris of movies based on John O'Hara novels/shortstories

Behind the Curtain:

The original 1940 Broadway production was directed by George Abbott and starred Gene Kelly. There have been several revivals since, including a 2008–2009 Broadway run, and this 1957 film adaptation starring Frank Sinatra,Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak.

It is  based on a character and situations John O'Hara created in a series of short stories published in The New Yorker.

Lots of great songs  featuring Frank Sinatra, with words and music from Rodgers and Hart. Rita's voice was dubbed by Joann Greer. Kim's voice was dubbed by  Trudy Erwin.

  • "There's A Small Hotel"
  • "I Could Write A Book"
  • "The Lady is a Tramp"
  • "My Funny Valentine"
  • "Zip"
  • "What Do I Care For a Dame"
  • "A Great Big Town"
  • "I Didn't Know What Time It Was"
  • "That Terrific Rainbow"
  • "Bewitched"
  • "Do It the Hard Way"
  • "Plant You Now, Dig You Later"
  • "Take Him"
  • "Happy Hunting Horn"


Frank Sinatra, riding high as an actor and a singer in 1957, the chance to play Joey Evans in the screen adaptation of the Broadway musical Pal Joey must have seemed irresistible, because Joey is nothing less than a failed Frank Sinatra. Frank sings several songs in the movie and he is  great!  He's a saloon singer who bounces from town to town, dame to dame, always hungry for the big time but too much of a heel and a phony to ever make it.

After being kicked out of one town he ends up in San Francisco. He winds up at  a floundering saloon that has lots of pretty dames for him to make passes at.  An old friend,Ned Galvin (Bobby Sherwood)is the saloon piano player. One of the dancers is wholesome Linda English (Kim Novak) and Joey  he is floored by her. Joey shows the owner that he can sing by belting out "There's a Small Hotel." The owner hires him on a temporary basis. Later that evening, the entire band is hired by society widow Vera Simpson (Rita Hayworth). It turns out that she is a former stripper and is talked into performing her signature song "STRIP " at the charity auction.  Joey flirts and makes passes at Vera while Gawking at Linda. Vera shoots him down,but Linda does not have a clue at this point in the movie.

Next Ned walks Linda home, and Joey tags along. There happens to be a room available in Linda's building and Joey rents it. Very Interesting!

A few nights later, Vera Simpson (Rita Hayworth) comes into the bar and claims she wants a serenade; after giving Joey the brush off at the auction, but she falls victim to his street-smart charms, especially after he croons "The Lady Is a Tramp."  The look on Vera's face is priceless.  Later, Vera sings "Bewitched ,Bothered and Bewildered." Rita's songs were dubbed by Joann Greer.

At one point Linda (Kim Novak) mouths "My Funny Valentine."  Actually sung by  Trudy Stevens.

Joey and Vera become a couple and she sets the crooner up in the swankiest nightclub on Nob Hill, to be called (what else?) Chez Joey, while also installing him on her lavish houseboat.

Will Joey be a kept man, complete with a fully monogrammed wardrobe, or go for true love? Hey, it was the '50s, so you can probably guess the ending. Also, I did not mention "Scruffy." He is a pooch that Linda and Joey adopt.


When Vera Simpson is singing "Bewitched" there is a very obvious mismatch between her lips and the words as she is turning away from the window.

Watch Frank  behind Rita Hayworth during the auction scene and "Strip" number. Swinging Frank  looks like he is having a ball!
Linda English: What did I do last night?
Joey Evans: You kissed me.
Linda English: I wasn't myself.

Joey Evans: Whoever you were, you were great!

Joey Evans: You treat a dame like a lady and a lady like a dame.

1958 Academy AwardsNominated Best Art Direction
Nominated Best Costume Design
Nominated Best Film Editing
Nominated Best Sound Recording 

1958 Golden GlobesWon -Best Actor (Music/Comedy)-Frank Sinatra
Nominated-Golden Globe Best Motion Picture-Musical/Comedy

With gorgeous location photography, a Richard Rogers score, and three terrific lead performances,add a cute doggie, and  Pal Joey is worth your time. It's a Gasser Man!

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