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Sunday in New York (1963)


Adam Tyler . . . . . Cliff Robertson
Eileen Tyler . . . . . Jane Fonda
Mike Mitchell . . . . . Rod Taylor
Russ Wilson . . . . . Robert Culp
Mona Harris . . . . . Jo Morrow
Flight Dispatcher . . . . . Jim Backus

Peter  Tewksbury.....Director
Everett Freeman..... Producer
Production and Distribution Companies.... MGM
Norman Krasna....  Screenwriter
Norman Krasna .... Play Author
George W. Davis....  Art Director
Edward C. Carfagno....  Art Director
Henry W. Grace....  Set Designer
George R. Nelson....  Set Designer
Leo Tover....  Cinematographer
Peter Nero....  Songwriter
Peter Nero....  Composer (Music Score)
Roland Everett .... Songwriter
Carroll Coates....  Songwriter
Robert Armbruster .... Musical Direction/Supervision
Orry-Kelly....  Costume Designer
John Truwe....  Makeup
William J. Tuttle .... Makeup

Travel back to the early innocent 1960's, where men and woman sleeping in the same bed together was TABOO! This movie is one day in the life of a 22 year old women visiting NYC. She feels like she is the last virgin in the world. It is also about mistaken identity, hypocracy and  love happens when you least expect it.  Twenty Two year old Eileen (Jane Fonda)is from Albany, NY and at the last moment decides to visit her pilot brother in NYC. She needs advice.

When she arrives in the city,he is not in.  She has a key and lets herself in. Meanwhile, her brother has just finished a flight), and he is looking forward to having a romantic evening at ( home) with his girlfriend named Mona. He is caught off guard when he finds his sister in his apartment. He chats with her and finds out that she has broken up with her Boyfriend Russ. Eileen thought it was time for her to finally find out what sex was all about. Russ was putting pressure on her to let go of her virginity. Next, Mona comes through the door after waiting by the elevators. She is really mad at Adam.  His job keeps cutting into their date nights.  Adam tells his sister that he and Mona are going ice skating,but they are really going to call friends to find an empty apartment for privacy. Adam is a smooth talker, but when it comes to his sister he becomes tounge tied.  He and Mona leave the apartment to search for  privacy.

Next, Eileen also answers a call from Adam's dispatcher calling him back to work. She leaves the apartment to give Adam the message.  

The next scene shows Eileen on the 5th ave bus. She scoots past Mike (Rod Taylor) and her broach gets hooked/stuck to Mike's suit jacket. They are stuck together like siamese twins. Meanwhile,Adam is still on the payphone across the street. Eileen sees him and gives him the  message from the airport.

Complications are ahead. Mistaken identity and Moral issues make the movie interesting.  I do not want to give anymore info because I hate being a spoiler. There is alot going on in this movie, including a surprise visit by Russ (Robert Culp). Rockefeller  Center, IDLEWILD Airport (now Kennedy) and Jim Backas (Mr. Magoo) as Adam's boss round out the cast.


Cute skinny skirts, blouses,gloves and a slip for Jane Fonda. Jane does not wear a hat in this movie. By 1970, most men and women stoping wearing hats and gloves. Aussie Rod Taylor's suit jacket looks a little tight in the shoulders. He needs an Athletic cut suit. He also wears a bathrobe and pj's.


Watch the scene when Eileen and Mike are in the rowboats at Central Park. Actor Jim Hutton is in one of the other rowboats. Actually, it is his back that is mostly shown.

Timothy Hutton

Jim Hutton


He is Actor Timothy Hutton's father. He played TV Thompson in Where the Boys Are (1960). He was the tall goofy guy.


This film (released just a week before JFK's assassination) has yet to make it to DVD. It should be paired with Barefoot In The Park (1967).
This movie is fluffy fun. Fonda is cheerfully ditzy most of the time. This is before she got into the political spotlight. Hunky Aussie Taylor plays his role with his usual masculine charm. Robertson makes the most of his role in the subplot as her playboy brother. I really hated Robert Culp in this film. Not a big fan of his. They should have have cast someone else.

Will She or Won't she?  Watch the film!

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(Near the end of her life, at the Golden Globes  1962)

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