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part 2- To Sir Dirk with Love......Darling (1965)


Julie Christie -Diana Scott
Dirk Bogarde -Robert Gold
Laurence Harvey -Miles Brand
Roland Curram- Malcolm
José-Luis de Villalonga- Prince Cesare
Basil Henson- Alec Prosser-Jones
Helen Lindsay- Felicity Prosser-Jones
Angus MacKay- Ivor Dawlish
Umberto -Raho Palucci
Irene Richmond -Mrs. Glass
Alex Scott- Sean Martin
Lydia Sherwood- Lady Brentwood
Brian Wilde- Willett
Pauline Yates -Estelle Gold
Hugo Dixon- Matthew Southgate
Ann -Firbank Sybil
John Heller- Gerhard
Tyler Butterworth William Presser-Jones
Annette Carell Billie Castiglione
Georgina Cookson Carlotta Hale
James Cossins Basildon
Peter Bayliss- Lord Grant
Jean Claudio- Raoul Maxim
Marika Rivera-Woman
Ernst Walder- Kurt
Richard Bidlake -Rupert Crabtree
Sidonie Bond -Gillian
Margaret Gordon -Helen Dawlish
Carlo -Palmucci Curzio
Dante- Posani Gino
Lucille Soong- Allie

John Schlesinger-Director
Joseph Janni-Producer
Frederic Raphael-Screenwriter
Johnny Dankworth-Composer (Music Score)
Ken Higgins-Cinematographer
Victor Lyndon-Associate Producer
John Harris-Camera Operator
Miriam Brickman-Casting
Julie Harris-Costume Designer
Jim Clark-Editor
Kip Gowans-First Assistant Director
Bob Lawrence-Makeup
Ray Simm-Production Designer, Set Designer
David Folkes-Set Designer

This Swinging British drama depicts the life and times of a fickle,amoral ambitious model and her many men.  The film is structured around Diana's involvements with a series of men. Each relationship makes an important point about her character.

It begins with a billboard worker plastering Diana’s face, in an advertisement for “her story” being published in a magazine (the premise of the film’s voice-over narration), over an older billboard for helping world hunger. Then you hear Diana speaking to an interviewer about her life.  A recurring theme in the movie is that (Diana doesn’t want to hurt anyone through her affairs, but she ends up narcissistic and jaded, always looking for a new way to entertain herself) “It should be so easy to be happy, shouldn’t it?” Diana asks.  Diana has no concept of fidelity and will seemingly have an affair with anyone who she thinks can help her in her career. Christie's Darling is anything but a darling. She plays a women you love to hate. No wonder she won an Oscar for her portrayl of Diana.

The men in Diana's life are:
  • Tony: It was a Teen marriage. She is bored with him.
  • Robert: a television journalist who reports on such intellectual subjects like literature and the people's view on the moral state of London. Superbly acted by Dirk Bogarde. He is cool and the definition of elegance. Watch his facial experssions closely.  The camera loved Bogarde's face. With great insight, Bogarde once commented, "The camera photographs thought," which was one clue to why his film performances were so compelling. He is calm, cool and collected in his scenes with Julie Christie.  He also has great dialog, especially in the last part of the movie. You will be cheering for him.
  • Miles Brand: Arrogant public relations mogul. Played by Laurence Harvey . Not a stretch for Harvey.  He usually plays these types of characters. 
  • Malcom: Gay photographer who travels to Italy with Diana
  • Millionaire Italian widower Cesare- played by  Jose-Luis deVillalonga
Newsreel and Handheld camera footage are used between each romance to help the story along.  I left out alot of the plot. I did not want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen the movie. On the whole, I liked the movie. I think that Dirk Bogarde should have been nominated for an Academy Award. He really deserved the BAFTA that he won for this movie. I do not care for Laurence Harvey. He always seems wooden to me.

Mod girls, you will love the clothes !  This film definitely deserved the Oscar it won for best black-and-white costume design.


Academy Awards:
Best Actress-Julie Christie
Best Costume Design-Julie Harris
Best Screenplay-Frederic Raphael 

Best Actor-Dirk Bogarde
Best Actress-Julie Christie
Best British Art Direction (B/W)-Ray Simm
Best British Screenplay-Frederic Raphael

Diana Scott: Taxi!

Robert Gold: We're not taking a taxi.

Diana Scott: Why not?

Robert Gold: I don't take whores in taxis


  1. I adore this movie!! And you're so right, Laurence Harvey always seems wooden no matter what role he plays. I think he was perfectly cast in The Manchurian Candidate, the hypnotized look is perfect for him! :)

  2. Using B/W film really allowed the illumination from beautiful to grotesque in a broad range of textures for the costumes, characters and scenery. Kate Gabrielle, not surprised to see you commenting here =-)


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