Sunday, September 13, 2009

Circle of Friends Award

I received a surprise this evening. When I logged on, I discovered that I had won a The Circle of Friends Award. Rupert Alistair author of received it recently and passed the award to me. He writes clever, and detailed reviews of classic movies.

Many of you may wonder why I picked the name-Midnite at Sunset and Vine. I chose the name Midnite at Sunset and Vine because that is where all the late night action is in Hollywood. CBS/Paramount radio studios used to be on the corner of Vine and Sunset. The famous Brown Derby restaurant was nearby on Vine. If you have not visited L.A., The Sunset Strip winds through Beverly Hills, Hollywood to Westwood and eventually changes it’s name to The Pacific Coast Hwy. I visited Los Angeles in 1995 and was immediately enchanted with "the City of Angels,"dispite the OJ Simpson Trial madness that was going on at that time.

I only spent 3 days there and hope to return in a few years. I visited Universal Studios and took the tour. Next time, I am going to Warner Bros and Fox Studios for tours.

I will review Women's Prison (1955) on Monday September 14th.

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